How to calm a dog that destroys everything?

Calming a dog that destroys everything is tricky, but you must find out the cause of the destructive behavior to fix the problem. Some likely cause of that destructive conduct includes the fear of being left alone, boredom and change in dentition, fear of loud noises and fire, and more. In this piece, you will learn what to do to calm a dog that destroys everything.

Preventive Actions

Coming home to see the floor of your living room littered with badly chewed shoes, emptied trash can on the vintage carpet, toilet tissue all over the passage, can be distressing. Getting annoyed is not the solution to the issue. What you need to do is take the dog for a walk and decide how to prevent its reoccurrence. When you return to the house, put a dog that destroys everything in its kennel, and rearrange the scattered living room.

To lessen the damage each time the dog is left alone, put away breakable, valuable items in a store, shoes in a cupboard, and secure telephone cables.

Tips on How to Calm a Destructive Dog 

Observe the dog and confirm if it needs some exciting activities and take it for a long walk, jogging, and biking.

  • To build its mental alertness, put treats in toys, and hide them in places where it must deduce how to access them to retrieve the goodies.
  • Confirm if it is afraid of being left alone, fear loud noises or fire, lower loud noises from TV, do not leave it totally on its own all day.
  • Buy more toys to play with, keep it busy to learn to be independent.

If your dog is in a teething phase and testing things with its teeth, as it grows older, it will stop chewing your shoes, carpet, or chairs. Furthermore, if you observe symptoms like running restlessly, urinating in the wrong places, unusual barking and howling, the dog may be suffering from an anxiety disorder. Consult a Veterinary Doctor, Animal Psychologist or Dog Trainer to get the right treatment and training.

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