Why do cats sleep so much?

Cats are always sleeping. As much as they are adorable, we cannot play with cats whenever we want because cats sleep as much as 16-20 hours a day. We may think that cats are lazy and must not be worried if our cats are always sleeping. Older cats tend to sleep longer hours compared to younger cats. Why cats sleep so much is simply because it is in their genes.


Cats may not always have a deep sleep
Unlike humans, when sleeping cats remain alert and can be active at any particular time in case a prey is approaching or even to start playing. It has been proved that 75% of the time, cats are napping while the remaining 25% they are sleeping profoundly.

Cats are known to be predators
One of the main reasons why cats sleep so much is to preserve their energy. Both wild cats and domestic cats love to hunt for fun and feeding. Hunting requires much energy since the cats have to run rapidly and pounce on their prey. Sleeping helps them to conserve their energy for hunting.  

Cats follow a strict sleeping pattern
Their bodies know when to sleep and for how long to rest. Sleeping also helps their growth, nutritional habits and reduces stress. In other words, sleeping is somehow like food for them as it allows them to stay in good health. You may notice that cats sleep mostly during the day. This is because their brain clock functions to sleep during the daytime and be active at night and early morning.

Conclusively if you see your cat sleeping for 16-20 hours per day, there is nothing to worry about. Instead, be happy because this is an indication that they are healthy. However, if the cats are sleeping less or more than their sleeping habits, then it is high time to visit a vet.

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